Sun Buddies Sunglasses

Thursday 12th May 2016

Love fashion but just don’t feel you can be trusted with an expensive pair of sunglasses?

Or maybe you are disproportionately troubled by the gruelling demands of decision making a.k.a “But, I Want Both Syndrome“.

Let me introduce you to my latest discovery, Sun Buddies sunglasses.

Not only are they especially handsome, they also feature Zeiss lenses (read: top quality) but still manage to be easy on the wallet.

Want to  know more?

1. Sun Buddies ‘Type 02’ sunglasses, $165
2. Sun Buddies ‘Type 02’ sunglasses, $165
3. Sun Buddies ‘Type 05’ sunglasses, $165
4. Sun Buddies ‘Type 01’ sunglasses, $165
5. Sun Buddies ‘Type 07’ sunglasses, $165
6. Sun Buddies ‘Type 05’ sunglasses, $165
7. Sun Buddies ‘Type 02’ sunglasses, $165 
8. Sun Buddies ‘Type 04’ sunglasses, $165
9. Sun Buddies ‘Type 05’ sunglasses, $165

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