The Aline Suede Skirt

Wednesday 11th May 2016

There’s something so wonderfully nostalgic about an aline suede skirt, wistfully evoking all the best bits of the 70’s (as we in fashion are so fond of doing) whilst still managing to make those timeless ‘staples’’ (read: denim shirts, army jackets) feel modern and alluring.

I know what you’re thinking though, suede can be expensive… and there’s that ever present red-wine-fear. But we’re all grown ups here and we can’t live our entire lives in fear of red-wine – especially when the alternative looks this good.

And we also have science on our side, which has so conveniently come a long way in the field of suede protection (yes, Scotchgard… I’m looking at you).

Keen to check out some options?

Follow the link below for some particularly fetching styles available in stores now…

1.   M.i.h Jeans suede skirt, $695
2.   Vince Camuto faux suede skirt, $120
3.   Sea suede wrap skirt, $547
4.   A.L.C. ‘Adrienne’ suede skirt, $1190
5.   Sea patchwork suede skirt, $480
6.   Vanessa Bruno suede skirt, $332
7.   M.I.H Jeans patchwork suede skirt, $322
8.   Derek Lam suede skirt, $786
9.   Vanessa Bruno Athe suede skirt, $640
10. Gestuz Laney suede skirt, $431

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