MANU Atelier

Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

I’m quite fond of a designer handbag

Rumour has it, I’m not alone.

The thing is, my finances have a little trouble keeping pace with my (many) fancies.

I hear this condition is also not peculiar to just me.

So, ever the stylish problem solver, I’m always on the lookout for handsome handbags that don’t require the juggling of ones health insurance payments to afford…

Enter: MANU Atelier.

This wonderful collection of leather shoulder bags, backpacks and totes was launched in 2014 by sisters Beste and Merve Manastır. Attributing inspiration for their designs to their father’s work as a revered leather artisan (indeed, one of the oldest leather goods manufacturers in Istanbul), this covetable combination of great craftsmanship with playful modern designs quickly ensured this brands cult status.

Keen to see more?

Follow the link to shop some of my favourite styles.

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