Typo Tees

Monday 19th Jun 2017

I have a particular soft spot for typography. I love the way it uses charm and form to playfully interpret the written word, delivering messages for both the eye and the mind.

I’m also firmly of the belief that we can always find room for another one (or maybe two??) new t-shirts in our wardrobe because, well… options 🙂

So it’s with much joy that I present today’s post – a serendipitous meeting of love and common sense.

Something caught your eye?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Gucci ‘Loved’ t-shirt, $1045
2. Maison Kitsuné t-shirt, €60
3. Ganni ‘Linfeld’ t-shirt, $135
4. ALEXACHUNG t-shirt, $129
5. Etre Cécile ’Tres High’ t-shirt, €47
6. Etre Cécile ‘Venice Peaches’ t-shirt, $98
7. Beyoncé ‘Love God Herself’ t-shirt, $35
8. Gucci ‘ Blind for Love’ t-shirt, $1010
9. Clare V. ‘Discothèque’ t-shirt, $99

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