The Mini Cross Body Bag

Thursday 31st Aug 2017

In the spirit of: “Do you really need to be carrying all that stuff?”

Meet the Mini Cross-Body Bag.

This handsome tote is ruthless (albeit endearingly pleasing to the eye). There’s no room for hangers-on…

It’s like having your own personal life coach, forcing you to answer the big questions: Do I really need those 3 bottles of nail polish? Why are there so many keys on my keyring? And how long has that muffin been in there??

Indeed, together the two of you can stylishly shoulder a simpler life together.

Something caught your eye?

Keep reading for all the details…

1. Sophie Hulme ‘Nano Milner’ cross-body bag, $400
2. Ann Demeulemeester ‘Alana’ cross-body bag, $285
3. Mansur Gavriel ‘Mini Bucket’ cross-body bag, $395
4. Building Block ‘Black Box’ cross-body bag, $460
5. Building Block ‘Petite’ ross-body bag, $395

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