The Denim Cut Off

Friday 1st Sep 2017

There’s a new denim short on the scene.

Dare I say it, it’s kind of like a ‘boyfriend short’ (to add to our collection of boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers and boyfriend tees as our significant-others all release a collective sigh, whilst muttering under their breath).

It’s a little longer and looser than your standard denim cut-off, but still retains that tell-tale frayed hem which ensures it’s more ‘charmingly tomboyish’ and less ‘Bemuda-short-without-irony’.

The funny thing is, you’ve most probably owned them for some time already without even realising it…

They’re in that neglected stack of jeans at the back of your wardrobe, disguised by a woefully outdated boot-cut leg. You’ve hung onto them because they fit great around your waist and are really flattering on your butt, but no matter how hard you’ve tried, there’s just no getting around those roomy calves.

So it’s with my entirely self-appointed ‘Makeover Police’ authority that I instruct you to ‘cut away’ so as to finally realise their potential!

But maybe you’re a ruthless wardrobe editor and no longer own any of the unfortunate, aforementioned jeans?

Never fear. You don’t have to miss out! I just so happen to have put together an edit of all my favourite styles…

1. Bassike raw denim shorts, $295
2. Frame ‘Le Original’ denim shorts, $490.10
3. AG ‘Hailey’ denim shorts, $175
4. H&M denim shorts, $34.99
5. Wrangler ‘Hi Ryder’ denim shorts, $99.95
6. H&M denim shorts, $39.99
7. Off-White denim shorts, $515

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