The French Chore Jacket

Wednesday 13th Sep 2017

Do you know what a French Chore Jacket is?

Me neither until, upon discovering this one, conducting a little research…

As the name suggests, they’re an all-purpose, scruffily-formal half-jacket. Made from hardy cotton drill, they were first adopted in the late 1800’s by French farmers, craftsman, mechanics and railway workers (often teamed with matching blue trousers).

My favourite bit?

Those wonderfully roomy patch pockets that are generous enough to accommodate both cold hands in addition to myriad other life-essentials.

And as luck would have it, Urban Outfitters recently uncovered a vintage stash of these wonderfully utilitarian numbers, released as part of their ‘Urban Renewal’ collection.

Oh… and did I mention the price… that’s pretty great too!

Urban Outfitters Vintage French Workwear Chore Jacket, $69

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