Lucy Folk & Her Pearls

Tuesday 5th Sep 2017

Pearls – they haven’t really featured much in my life, well… ever.

They always felt a little too ‘mature’ in a non-ironic kind of way (…as opposed to ‘ironic-mature’, which I have been known to dabble with from time to time).

But something’s changed. Recently I’ve been finding they keep popping up in the most appealing of ways, as more and more designers take to reinterpreting this classic…

One of the best examples of this can be found at Lucy Folk, whos current collection sees the combining of fresh water pearls with her curious, unconventional style to the loveliest of ends.

Keen to seem more?

Keep reading for all the details…

1. Lucy Folk ‘Pearly Grovel’ 18kt yellow gold and fresh water pearl necklace, $475
2. Lucy Folk ‘Totem’ yellow gold plate and Marbay pearl earrings, $375
3. Lucy Folk ‘Artemis’ 9kt yellow gold and fresh water pearl earrings, $1250
4. Lucy Folk ‘Loco Artemis’ 9kt yellow gold and fresh water pearl ring, $450

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