The Patch Pocket Blazer

Friday 8th Sep 2017

We were chatting recently about The Blazer.

I’m still a wee-bit obsessed with how ridiculously easy it is to look stylishly-put-together in a blazer… as seen here, here and here.

And so in the spirit of ‘ridiculously easy’ here’s some more great styles that I’ve found in the loveliest shades of blue, that also happen to feature one of my favourite details – the handsomely roomy patch pocket.

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Bianca Spender patch-pocket jacket, $895
2. Reiss ‘Harloe’ patch-pocket jacket, $535
3. Rebecca Taylor patch-pocket jacket, $450
4. ALEXACHUNG patch-pocket jacket, $922.04

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