Black Tie

Tuesday 31st Oct 2017

Fashion is so often about reinvention – getting us to look with new-eyes upon that which we thought we knew.

Case in point: the Black Bow.

This timeless trim is nothing new to fashion, but I have recently noticed a whole lot of particularly charming black-bowed hair accessories… which just so happens to also coincide with an upcoming, rather popular horse race that requires aforementioned hair accessories.

Read into this what you will.

And follow the link if you’d like more info on this handsome selection…

1. Gregory Ladner hat, $69.95
2. Nerida Winter ‘X-23’ bow turban, $335
3. Nerida Winter ‘Kitty’ bow headband, $295
4. Dolce & Gabbana bow hairband, $956
5. Jennifer Behr bow headband, $436.10
6. Salvatore Ferragamo bow headband, $172

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