The Check Blazer

Thursday 5th Oct 2017

The blazer has been getting a lot of attention lately (…be it the the patch-pocket blazer, the double-breasted blazer, the navy blazer or the boyfriend blazer).

And with good reason. Their easy, ever-flattering ways are so wonderfully adaptable, offering no end of styling options – the perfect ally during these extended periods of puzzling, transeasonal weather.

My favourite at the moment?

The Check Blazer – that oft-referenced, androgynous staple.

Do you also have a soft spot for this charming classic?

Keep reading for some great new styles that I’ve found…

1. Veronica Beard check blazer, $1009
2. Laveer check blazer, $700.35
3. Anthropologie check blazer, $138
4. Zara check blazer, $149
5. Shein check blazer, $38
6. Jamie St. ‘Croix’ tshirt, $20

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