Kridemnon + Ancient Greek Sandals

Wednesday 22nd Nov 2017

These delightfully printed, sheer cotton scarves are one of those handy little numbers that you’ll wear endlessly – be it knotted around your neck, head, wrist or top-knot, layered under your lapel or even tied handsomely to the handle of your favourite tote.

Made in collaboration with Ancient Greek Sandals (i.e they of the perfect summer shoes), I feel this is something, in my professional opinion, we all need!

Keep reading for all the details…

1. Kridemnon scarf in Trifadi, $130
2. Kridemnon scarf in Peramata, $130
3. Kridemnon scarf in Kampos, $130
4. Kridemnon scarf in Ari, $130

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