Macrame & More

Friday 3rd Nov 2017

70’s style is so divisive, eliciting such strong emotions, be it loathing or adoration.

Full disclosure: I sit firmly in the ‘love, love, love’ camp, happily embracing every single one of its (many) revivals over the years…

Platform sandals and wedge heels? Of course.

Fringed suede handbags? Naturally.

Flared denim jeans? Hell yes!

And now, macrame!

What’s not to love about this handsome tote – like the adorable lovechild of a hanging planter and a bucket-bag, with just the loveliest ivory stitching to push you over the edge.

Need to know more? Keep reading for all the details…

Staud ‘Moreau’ bucket bag, $375

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