The Twilly by Hermès

Wednesday 13th Dec 2017

Practical + cheerful aren’t an oft-seen fashion coupling.

But these delightfully printed, silk ‘Twilly’ scarves from Hermès are one of those handy little numbers that you’ll wear endlessly, be it knotted handsomely around your neck, head, wrist or top-bun, layered under the lapel of your jacket or even tied to the handle of your favourite tote.

Say no more?

Keep reading for all the details…

1. Hermes Twilly ‘Astrologie Nouvelle’, $285
2. Hermes Twilly ‘Modernisme Tropical’, $285
3. Hermes Twilly ‘Under the Waves’, $285
4. Hermes Twilly ‘Calèche, Mors et Bouteilles’, $285
5. Hermes Twilly ‘Colliers de Chiens’, $285
6. Hermes Twilly ‘Astrologie Nouvelle’, $285
7. Hermes Twilly ‘Ferronnerie’, $285

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