Laura Lombardi Jewellery

Thursday 8th Mar 2018

My favourite jewellery of late is of the simple, bold, slightly oversized persuasion – the kind where just one piece will completely transform the most basic of tees, shirts or slip dresses.

One of my favourites?

Laura Lombardi.

Think: elegantly striking in a this-must-be expensive kind of way… that’s so wonderfully not 🙂

Keen to see more?

Keep reading for all the details…

1. Laura Lombardi ‘Fede’ necklace, $260
2. Laura Lombardi ‘Fede’ necklace, $260
3. Laura Lombardi ‘Interlock’ earrings, $134
4. Laura Lombardi ‘Icona’ necklace (circle), $260‘Icona’ necklace (rectangle), $260


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