The Emperors New…. Sneakers??

Friday 17th Aug 2018

The current ‘Chunky Sneaker‘ (a.k.a. ‘Dad Sneaker‘ a.k.a ‘Ugly Sneaker‘) movement has me a little conflicted.

The words chunky + fashion have never made for happy bedfellows, making this trend feel so nonsensically pervasive…

Admittedly, fashion is all about moving us out of our (both emotional and literal) comfort zone, which indeed may go some way to explaining the appeal of this doggedly unflattering, ultimate 80s-movie nerd shoe.

Because ALL the fashion folk are wearing them.

Top designers brands (think Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Dior and Vetements) can’t keep them in stock. And the true zeitgeist barometer, Zara is all over it.

Need to see what I’m talking about?

Behold my top picks for this curious trend…

1. Stella McCartney ‘Eclypse’ chunky sneakers, $685
2. Ash chunky sneakers, $389
3. Calvin Klein ‘Carla’ chunky sneakers, $560
4. Chloé ‘Sonnie’ chunky sneakers, $730
5. Balenciaga ‘Triple S’ chunky sneakers, $895
6. Stella McCartney ‘Eclypse’ chunky sneakers, $685

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