The Stirrup Pant Edit

    Tuesday 29th Aug 2017

    Few moments in fashion are as ferociously divisive as the Stirrup Pant.

    Anyone who remembers the 80’s has an opinion on this one, be it repulsion or nostalgia.

    So it’s worth noting that this season sees stylish sorts taking another look at this flatteringly tapered, leg elongating number.

    Feeling stirrings of warm, nostalgia too?

    Follow the link below for some of my favourite styles…

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    The Stirrup Pant

    Monday 28th Aug 2017

    Dear Stirrup Pants,

    It’s been quite some time since I looked fondly upon you. We parted ways in the late eighties and we never really kept in touch.

    But I’m looking to reconnect. I’ve missed you. We had something special and I want to give us another try…

    Wanting to reach out to your special ‘one’ too?

    Pop back tomorrow for my edit of the best stirrup pants in stores now.

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    The Novelty Knit

    Tuesday 31st Mar 2015

    But who says knitwear has to always be so serious?

    Chunky, oversized knits are a must as the weather starts to get cooler, but sometimes those grey days call for a little more levity (who are we kidding, most days call for a little more levity, yes?).

    Enter: The Novelty Knit – colourful, fun and guaranteed to raise your spirits all whilst so nobly keeping you warm.

    See something you like?

    Follow the link below for all the details…

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    The One Shoulder Top

    Wednesday 17th Dec 2014

    Fashion’s currently going through a bit of a ‘flirtatious shoulder’ moment, with off-the shoulder, peek-a boo and one-shoulder styles aplenty.

    Truth be told, I’ve always been a little ‘neither-here-nor-there’ about the whole one-shoulder thing – fine for some, but just not for me.

    This time around though, they’ve piqued my interest with their current clever, layered interpretation.

    I love the subtle complexity of a black one shoulder top worn over a simple white singlet – kid of like fashion origami.

    Want to join the fold? (did you see what I did there??)

    Follow the link below for all my favourite black one-shoulder styles…

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