Karin Gustafsson

    Wednesday 2nd Dec 2015

    Are you a lover of COS?

    This is of course a rhetorical question, as I’ve yet to meet anyone to the contrary!

    In Sydney recently to celebrate the opening of their new store at 5 Martin Place, I was lucky enough to catch up with their lovely Head of Women’s Wear Design, Karin Gustafsson.

    So, as a slightly different¬†take on ‘In Her Wardrobe‘, I asked Karin to fill us in on what inspires her, fashion lessons learnt¬†and what every woman needs in her wardrobe.

    For the full interview, follow the link below…

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    Kelly Searl

    Monday 16th Nov 2015

    You may recall a feature we ran on Kelly Searl a few weeks ago, where she shared her well edited go-tos for flowers, homewares, cocktails and all the rest.

    But it doesn’t end there!

    We also got to spend an afternoon with Pony Rider‘s Creative Director¬†in her wonderful, wonderful home (and trust me, I‚Äôm not using these 2 ‚Äėwonderfuls‚Äô lightly – her place is SO ridiculously good) peeking into her wardrobe whilst exchanging tips on flea markets, booby bras and the virtues of polka-dot tees.

    Keen to see more?

    Follow the link below for all the pics…

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  • I‚Äôve loved homewares label, Pony Rider from afar for many years.

    Designed and developed in Australia, they manage to so perfectly encapsulate, through collections of cushions, bedding, canvas and wall art, their love of roaming ranges, vintage patterns and all things earthly.

    So, armed with my new mission to plunder the address books of clever, talented and charming women, I asked Pony Rider‚Äôs creative director and owner, Kelly Searl to tell us her hometown ‘Shortcuts’.

    Want to know where Kelly heads to for flowers, homewares, cocktails and so much mooore??

    Follow the link below for all her tips…

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