• Recommendations – they’re the stock and trade of stylish sorts.

    Indeed, it’s why I started Shortcuts – it’s hectic out there and we’re all busy, so any well edited advice from trusted sources is always well received.

    And so, whilst hanging out with notable stylish-sort, Louella Tuckey we got chatting about her favourite outfit…

    “I found these jeans on a trip to CottonOn (to go through our homewares products with the store staff) and I’ve been living in them ever since. My god they’re super comfy and such a crazy good price – might have to buy more!

    The jacket is a new one from Bassike and such a lovely cut (clever Deb x)

    Spring Courts are my new found favourite winter footwear (I never hide my toes in summer, nude feet is the rule) from Lee Mathews

    Louella Tuckey, Creative Director at Mark Tuckey.

    For all detail on Louella’s outfit, follow the link below…

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    Elise Pioch

    Friday 5th Jun 2015

    One of the best things about my job is the incredibly talented, inspiring  people that I have the pleasure of meeting every single day. Even after 20 years as a stylist, I still get excited about going to work… even when the weather is a little on the dramatic side.

    Non-Sydney residents may have heard of our recent, freakishly cyclonic rains (read: hail, flash flooding, collapsed building and widespread blackouts).

    It was on this (remarkably wet) day that me and my team set out on a road trip to photograph my latest girl-crush, Elise Pioch.

    Home for Elise is The Church on the edge of the Colo River, around 2 hours out of Sydney.

    Upon arriving (whilst shaking wet umbrellas, patting down fluffy hair and kicking off our muddy boots) we were instantly calmed and charmed in equal measure by the wonderful warm home that she, her husband, Pablo Chappell (of Chappelli Cycles) and their adorable little lady, Loulou have made here together.

    As the wind howled and rain pelted the windows, we sat around their kitchen table, chatting about everything from Canadian shoe designers to rain water tanks, all whilst sipping Elise’s signature lemon and thyme tea and nibbling on local strawberries.

    Born in the south of France, Elise worked in Paris (for Hermès and Martin Margiela) before deciding to make the move to Australia 10 years ago, where she continued working in fashion (as a buyer for Belinda and The Corner Store).

    It was 3 years ago however that she decided to try something new, launching the most exquisite collection of handmade, perfumed candles, Maison Balzac that have been so well received that they can now be found in the all the best boutiques around the world.

    Want to take a little peek inside Elise’s home too?

    Follow the link below for my profile on Elise and all the pics from our shoot…

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    Tanja Kovacevic

    Wednesday 22nd Apr 2015

    Jewellery is such a personal thing.

    Whilst fashion fancies shift with every new season, your favourite, timeless pieces of jewellery hold-strong year after year.

    Tanja Kovacevic, founder of Petite Grand really understands this sentimental connection.

    Her unique, deliciously delicate collections of handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets are so lovely to wear that you’ll find you rarely take them off, instead simply layering them in varying combinations over time.

    It’s upon meeting Tanja however that you really get to understand why this is – her brand’s endearingly thoughtful, considered signature is in fact a direct reflection of her own distinctive personal style.

    I recently got to spend the morning with Tanja (and Max), peeking into her wardrobe whilst chatting about everything from favourite scents and Hollywood starlets to the pain of 2am pie-regret.

    Want to take a little peek inside Tanja’s wardrobe too?

    Follow the link below for my profile on Tanja and all the pics from our shoot…

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