The Club Lounge

    Monday 28th May 2018

    Fashion-fancies come and go but membership to the ‘Classic Club’ remains ever-strict.

    Mingling in the ‘Club Lounge’ this winter, you’ll find the most handsome of trench coats, striped shirting, double-breasted blazers and generously tailored pants… as well as some of their equally charming pals.

    Wanting to take a new look at your winter wardrobe?

    Follow the link below for some of my favourites styles form our recent shoot…

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    I (Heart) Sandro

    Monday 7th May 2018

    Like to have a little fun with your fashion?

    Sandro Paris is for you – playfully exploring that place where the classics meet and hang out with their more whimsical friends.

    Sound like you?

    Folllow the link below for all the pictures from our shoot with their latest collection…

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  • All Killer, No Filler – that’s my styling mantra. If it doesn’t make you feel great, get rid of it. It really is that easy.

    And do you know what that leaves you with?

    A wardrobe filled with pieces that you actually wear <insert dramatic music>

    And do you know what else…

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    Winter Days

    Friday 7th Jul 2017

    Oh, Winter!

    Your wonderfully cool, clear, windswept days made the perfect, dreamy backdrop for today’s fashion shoot.

    Follow the link below for all the pictures…

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