Ibiza Bohemia

    Monday 18th Sep 2017

    The island of Ibiza is the stuff of bohemia-lore, long held as an escape for artists, creatives and musicians since the ’30s.

    This spirit is so perfectly captured in Ibiza Bohemia – a 300 page hardback tome of vibrant photos, quotes and anecdotes that explores the island’s landscape, distinctive interiors and legendary cast of free-spirited characters.

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    MR BY Man Repeller

    Thursday 24th Aug 2017

    Leandra Medine’s enthusiasm and joyful interpretation of fashion is infectious.

    Her confident style and insightful observations about how we present ourselves to the world (c/o Man Repeller) has gathered her an impressive band of merry followers.

    So much so that she’s just launched her second footwear collection, MR by Man Repeller, that puts her signature contemporary spin on classic shoe silhouettes.

    A couple of fun style tips from Medine, that comes with the collection…

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    Know Your Style

    Monday 21st Aug 2017

    In this crazy, permanently switched-on world, we’re all overloaded with information. The sheer volume of choice can be overwhelming. Especially in fashion.

    As a stylist, I get asked for fashion advice all the time. Indeed, this sharing of knowledge was a big reason for starting INEZ Daily.

    With this in mind, I’m pleased to share a wonderful new tome I recently discovered – Know Your Style...

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