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    Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

    I’m quite fond of a designer handbag

    Rumour has it, I’m not alone.

    The thing is, my finances have a little trouble keeping pace with my (many) fancies.

    I hear this condition is also not peculiar to just me.

    So, ever the stylish problem solver, I’m always on the lookout for handsome handbags that don’t require the juggling of ones health insurance payments to afford…

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    Caron Callahan

    Monday 23rd May 2016

    I’m typically neither here-nor-there about bows – I totally understand how some people would like them, but they’ve just never really been ‘my thing’.

    That is until I spotted this terracotta-hued trapeze shirt with the most perfect of oversized bows… and I made it my mission to discover its designer…

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    La Ligne

    Monday 2nd May 2016

    Do you know what you get when you combine a lifetime of fashion savvy with a sentimental favourite?

    You get La Ligne (…French for ‘Line’).

    What is this curious alliance that I speak of?

    It’s the creation of former Vogue editors Valerie Boster and Meredith Melling in addition to Molly Howard from rag & bone, who came together to translate that much-loved classic – the stripe and all of its flattering, timeless, democratic charm.

    What will you find?

    Everything from tanks, tees, blouses and knits through to the loveliest caftans, slips, skirts, shorts and pants… all a handsome homage to the stripe.

    Keen to see more?

    Pop across to their website for the full collection.

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    Temple Of The Sun

    Tuesday 26th Apr 2016

    Following up on a tip from an (unfailing stylish) friends (thanks Kirsten), I recently discovered Temple Of The Sun – the most wonderfully unique (yet endearingly affordable) collection of necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles and rings by Byron Bay via Istanbul designer, Yonna Derofe.

    Something caught your eye?

    Pop across to their website to see the full collection.

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