The Leopard Print Skirt

    Wednesday 12th Dec 2018

    For some, leopard print is considered a ‘neutral’ – a style-signature, lovingly ever-present in their wardrobes.

    For others, it makes them nervous. They don’t quite get it. They need a little more convincing when it pops up on their fashion-radar every few season.

    And ‘popped up’ it most certainly has.

    So here you have my, ‘What’s Not To Love?’ photo essay on this season’s essential, the leopard print skirt.

    Keen to see more?

    Follow the link below for some fun styles I’ve also found in stores right now…

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  • The current ‘Chunky Sneaker‘ (a.k.a. ‘Dad Sneaker‘ a.k.a ‘Ugly Sneaker‘) movement has me a little conflicted.

    The words chunky + fashion have never made for happy bedfellows, making this trend feel so nonsensically pervasive…

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    Boxy Tailoring

    Wednesday 13th Jun 2018

    Today, a little delicious, generously-proportioned, boxy-tailored perfection to inspire you through these chillier months…

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