The Power Pantsuit

    Monday 20th Nov 2017

    Are you looking to lift your workwear game?

    Or else love the new ’tailored’ movement, but don’t want to take it all toooo seriously.

    Enter: The Power Pantsuit

    Many site Hillary Clinton as inspiration for this season’s abundance of brightly coloured suiting (as seen here with some of her more ardent fans, performing ‘PANTSUIT POWER – FLASH MOB FOR HILLARY ) but no matter where your allegiances lie, you can’t deny it IS cheerfully compelling.

    Keen to see more?

    Pop back tomorrow and I’ll share with you some of my favourite styles in stores at the moment.

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    Black Tie

    Tuesday 31st Oct 2017

    Fashion is so often about reinvention – getting us to look with new-eyes upon that which we thought we knew.

    Case in point: the Black Bow.

    This timeless trim is nothing new to fashion, but I have recently noticed a whole lot of particularly charming black-bowed hair accessories… which just so happens to also coincide with an upcoming, rather popular horse race that requires aforementioned hair accessories.

    Read into this what you will.

    And follow the link if you’d like more info on this handsome selection…

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    Fancy Pants

    Monday 23rd Oct 2017

    There’s been a pleasing development in fashion of late – I affectionately call them ‘Fancy Pants’ but, truth be told, they’re really track pants that’ve had a total fashion overhaul.

    A nature segue from the ‘sports luxe’ and ‘pyjama’ trends of previous seasons, this much loved staple still features familiar sporty-signatures like side stripes and snap closures, but the cuts and fabrics have been so very flatteringly refined.

    The trick is to wearing them?

    Pop them on where previously you would have worn a classic suit pant, then team them with your favourite blazer, heels and handbag for a fresh new take on tailoring.


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    The Top Button

    Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

    For so long, we were told to leave the top few buttons on our shirts undone.

    But I call foul on that.

    Encouraged by fashions current flirtation with all things ‘tailored’, try teaming your favourite new blazer with a crisp white shirt, buttoned all the way through, for some sharper styling-straps.

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