Hand Earrings

    Thursday 17th Aug 2017

    Life is serious enough.

    Why complicate it further with serious fashion?

    For instance – these wonderfully random, gold and red leather ‘Hand’ earrings.

    No explanation required.

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    The Gucci Belt-Bag

    Wednesday 16th Aug 2017

    When styling a fashion shoot, I’ll often be found wearing a bumbag (aka fanny pack; aka belt-bag; aka utility belt) to carry all the on-set essentials I need to create that perfect shot (read: scissors, double-sided tape, safely pins, tamari almonds… you get the idea).

    This is much to the amusement of pretty much everyone else in the crew, as bumbags have historically been the source of much ridicule and derision… until now!

    I’m so pleased to report that all this is now firmly behind me, thanks to the genius of Alessandro Michele and his talented peeps over at Gucci.

    Just look how cute this Gucci belt-bag looks, cinching in the waist of that handsome blazer.

    Keen to get a closer look?

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    More Embroidered Denim…

    Tuesday 8th Aug 2017

    There’s SOOOO much embroidered denim out there at the moment.

    But there’s a fine (and sometimes not so fine) line between ‘good’… and ‘GOOD GOD!!’.

    Todays edit is for all those that prefer to hang more on the ‘good’ side of this fun fashion moment 😉

    Something caught your eye?

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    Valentino Scarf

    Thursday 3rd Aug 2017

    Practical + cheerful aren’t an oft seen fashion coupling.

    But this delightfully printed, silk-twill scarf from Valentino is one of those handy little numbers that you’ll wear endlessly, be it knotted handsomely around your neck, head, wrist or top-knot, layered under the lapel of your jacket or even tied handsomely to the handle of your favourite tote.

    And its also reversible (#options).

    Say no more?

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