Festive Ornaments

    Friday 15th Dec 2017

    Looking for some festive adornment of the fashion-kind?

    How about this positively joyous collection of statement earrings, guaranteed to put a little ‘jolly’ in your ‘jingle’.

    Something caught your eye?

    Follow the link for all the details…

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    Pom Pom Cuffs

    Friday 24th Nov 2017

    Pom Pom.

    The name alone elicits such feelings joy.

    But these handsome clusters of brightly coloured pom poms are positively delightful.

    In need of more pom poms in your life?

    Follow the link below for all the details…

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    Handbag Options

    Thursday 23rd Nov 2017

    I struggle to find a bag that I like.

    Correction: I struggle to find a bag I like that isn’t $3000.

    It wouldn’t be too much of a problem if that was my only handbag… and I planned on using that one handbag exclusively for say, the next 10 years…

    The thing is, I like to change-up my bag depending on what I’m wearing. I need options. Sadly my wallet has a little trouble keeping up with my wardrobe-of-many-moods.

    So I’m always on the lookout for that elusive simple, stylish, affordable handbag that doesn’t feel mass-produced.

    And then I found ‘Helena’.

    And she comes in 3 colours!

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