Rosy Hues

    Wednesday 23rd Oct 2013

    Pink is the new white (which was the new black). Are you still with me?

    So often, upon finding out that I’m a fashion stylist, women will ask me:

    “What should I be wearing this season?”

    To which I generally reply with something like:

    “It’s not that straight forward. Trends aren’t as a strict as they used to be. The internet has made people open to so many more influences such that at any time you could be wearing anything from checks to kaftans and still be ‘on trend’.

    But pink is big.

    It’s the softer, dreamier shades that are getting the most traction though, so steer clear of the hot pink, fuchsia and candy hues. What you’re after is pieces in petal, blush, ballet, rose or shell  pink. Just insert this rosy hue where before you would have worn white and you’ve got it.

    And what works best with all these pretty shades?  Why, the Le Dix Cartable S leather tote in black of course –  Alexander Wang’s first design since taking over the reins at Balenciaga.

    Follow the link below for some ‘pink-speration’ and all shopping details…

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