The Statement Crystal Necklace

    Monday 25th Nov 2013

    The statement necklace needs no explanation – it’s name pretty much says it all. They’re your fun, out-going little friends that can always be counted on to add some extra sparkle to your outfit.

    And none comes more sparkly than the the statement crystal necklace.

    Now you mustn’t be shy when it comes to these guys – they were never designed to be subtle. The amount of crystals works inversely with how serious you are feeling i.e more crystals = less serious.

    Pile them on, layer them up and then team them with something less expected – think a grey marle sweat top, a loose white cotton singlet or maybe a black leather tee.

    Ahhh… now that feels better, doesn’t it?

    Want to see more?

    Follow the link below for my edit of the best statement crystal necklaces that you can buy right now…

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    Mix Master

    Monday 4th Nov 2013

    Regular readers of INEZ Daily will know that I fully endorse whimsy – it’s my default style.

    One of my favourite ways to achieve this is by layering an eclectic mix of patterns, textures and trims – think animal prints, lace, coloured fur, sequins and spots (but maybe not all at once).

    Fashion Editor, Julia Sarr Jamois (pictured) is the master of this.

    There’s just a couple of tricks to pulling this off without looking completely mad:

    1. Pick prints that have a common neutral base (like white or cream) and either the same or a complimentary colour palette (think pink & orange or purple & green).

    2. Include a couple of black accents with your trims or accessories to tie it all together

    3. And then, volia! Watch as all these pieces magically transform into one harmonious (albeit quite bold) outfit.

    Follow the link below for some fun print-mixing inspirations…

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