The Interview

    Thursday 12th Dec 2013

    I’ve recently been interviewing for a new pump.

    The successful shoe needed to possess:

    – a pointed (but not too pointy) toe

    – a slim, high (but not too high) heel

    – a single sole (platform heels need not apply)

    – the ability to work well across different departments (and by departments I mean cropped pants, midi skirts and skinny jeans alike)

    I reviewed a number of applicants, but it should come as no surprise that Isabel Marant (the cool girls go-to) secured the position.

    The black suede Poppy’ pump was far-and-away the most qualified for the job in a perfect French, sexy-without-trying kind of way.

    Isabel Marant ‘Poppy’ suede pumps, $815


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    Black Lace

    Wednesday 11th Dec 2013

    Me: I love wearing black lace. It’s so practical.
    You: Huh?!?
    Me: And did I mention versatile? Yup, really versatile.
    You: Um… ok…

    Let me explain…

    My wardrobe has 3 personalities:
    1. Work Me: tailored, feminine, practical
    2. Date Night Me: fun, whimsical, slightly impractical
    3. Mother Of A Toddler On A Playdate Me: fun, comfy and machine washable

    Black lace is a no-brainer for ‘Date-Night-Me’.

    It also makes regular appearances on ‘Work-Me’, say a black lace skirt with a white tee and a tailored jacket, or a lace shirt with tailored pants.

    Lately I’ve been noticing however that it’s been popping up on ‘Mother-Of-A-Toddler-On-A-Playdate-Me’ as well – sometimes a bra peeking out from beneath a singlet top, or maybe a camisole teamed with denim cutoffs. And all whilst still remaining fun, comfy and machine washable!


    Follow the link below for my round-up of the best black lace pieces that you can buy right now…

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    The Dancing Shoe

    Wednesday 20th Nov 2013

    Pop on a pair of black patent-leather flats and I challenge you to not feel even just a little bit dance-y.

    (Head’s swaying from side-to-side) Can you hear the music? Can you?? Then follow the link below for my edit of the best toe-tapping patent flats that you can buy right now…

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