The Leopard Print Costume

    Monday 13th Jan 2014

    And my unofficial ‘Tribute to Leopard’ continues over here at INEZ Daily…

    Regular readers will know that I fully endorse the magical qualities of leopard print and its ability to suggest luxury, sophistication and sex all in equal measure.

    Today I want to talk about the leopard print swimming costume – I strongly believe every woman needs to own at least one of these in her life.

    Feeling the love?

    Follow the link below for my edit of the best leopard print swimming costumes that you can buy right now…

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    Black Lace

    Wednesday 11th Dec 2013

    Me: I love wearing black lace. It’s so practical.
    You: Huh?!?
    Me: And did I mention versatile? Yup, really versatile.
    You: Um… ok…

    Let me explain…

    My wardrobe has 3 personalities:
    1. Work Me: tailored, feminine, practical
    2. Date Night Me: fun, whimsical, slightly impractical
    3. Mother Of A Toddler On A Playdate Me: fun, comfy and machine washable

    Black lace is a no-brainer for ‘Date-Night-Me’.

    It also makes regular appearances on ‘Work-Me’, say a black lace skirt with a white tee and a tailored jacket, or a lace shirt with tailored pants.

    Lately I’ve been noticing however that it’s been popping up on ‘Mother-Of-A-Toddler-On-A-Playdate-Me’ as well – sometimes a bra peeking out from beneath a singlet top, or maybe a camisole teamed with denim cutoffs. And all whilst still remaining fun, comfy and machine washable!


    Follow the link below for my round-up of the best black lace pieces that you can buy right now…

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