The Trench Coat

    Thursday 31st Oct 2013

    The trench coat is an enduring classic – another one of those things that we fashion-folk world call a ‘wardrobe essential’.

    It is non-seasonal, always flattering and terribly stylish. I love the way you can add it to any outfit and you will immediately look more ‘French’ (in a fantastically ‘I didn’t try too hard, I just threw this on’ kind of way).

    The trench is open to many a creative interpretation – no matter what your personal style is, there is a trench coat out there for you:

    Pink? tick!

    Lace? tick!

    But my personal favourite is of the longer, looser variety like in the picture. Elegant, effortless and dramatically ‘swishy’. And you get extra points for getting you coat length to perfectly match your skirt length – one of my favourite styling tricks!

    Follow the link below for my edit of the best trench coats…

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