Fashion Math

    Tuesday 10th Dec 2013

    Ok, I know what you’re thinking… $500 is a lot for a pair of sunglasses.

    But they’re so cute… and sparkly…

    Now hear me out on this one – if you commit to wearing these every 3rd day for the next year (with tousled hair and a matt-red lip), they come in at $4.20 per wear (assuming you don’t lose/sit on them before then).

    You can’t argue with the conscious easing, feel good-ness of fashion math, yes?

    Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’ oversized cat-eye Wayfarer sunglasses, $512.40


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    Slip-On Sneakers

    Monday 21st Oct 2013

    While the slip-on sneaker isn’t new, it’s never truly been embraced by the fashion pack… until now.

    Not surprisingly, Céline – the home of everything that’s cool and covetable these days, was the one to reintroduce this silhouette (pictured), and it’s been a stylish snowball of slip-on interpretations since then.

    Follow the link below for my round-up of the best slip-on sneakers…

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