The Cuff

    Monday 18th Nov 2013

    With the theme song from Wonder Woman playing loudly in my head, I bring you today’s post – The Cuff.

    Covering all the important ’Ss’: strong, simple, striking and stylish (us fashion-folk are fond of alliteration – and yes, I saw what I did just then) the cuff makes for super-easy accessorising. With just the one piece, you’re sorted (but you will of course get extra points for teaming this with a pussy-cat clutch).

    What to see more? Hop in your invisible plane (yup, the theme song is still playing) and follow the link below for my edit of the best cuffs you can buy right now….

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    The Cropped Pant

    Thursday 14th Nov 2013

    I love a cropped pant. Fashion designers call these a 7/8 pant (no science here – they’re just that little bit longer than a 3/4 pant). They look really great and are so versatile, working equally well with heels as they do with flats and sneakers (no frantic, running out the door, last minute hem adjustments required).

    The trick to pulling this off though (and not looking dumpy) is all about proportions.

    Your pants must be a straight and slim (but not too tight) cut, so that the diameter of the hem on your pant is around half the length of your shoes (hence narrower hems work better with heels). The crop also needs to allow around a 5cm gap from the bottom of your pant hem to the top of your shoes, for that perfect pant to exposed-ankle ratio.

    Like what you see? Grab your rulers and follow the link below for my edit of the best crop pants you can buy right now….

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