Pink Leopard

    Monday 9th Dec 2013

    Rarely a season will pass where leopard print doesn’t make an appearance. It has a magical kind of quality, suggesting luxury, sophistication and sex all in equal measure.

    This season, pink leopards have been spotted (did you see what I did there??) – not their most natural state, but pretty darn cute nonetheless.

    Feeling frisky?

    Follow the link below for my edit of the best pink leopard prints that you can buy right now…

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    The White Handbag

    Wednesday 13th Nov 2013

    The black handbag is a no brainer. Everyone has one. It’s just a matter of updating it every couple of years.

    But now it’s time to to take a new look at the white handbag. While not new to the scene, it has recently been upgraded from ‘novelty’ to ‘essential’. This promotion makes perfect sense really – with the fashion world’s current flirtation with all things white, cream and pink.

    Follow the link below for my round-up of all the best white handbags you can buy right now…

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