The Leopard Print Costume

    Monday 13th Jan 2014

    And my unofficial ‘Tribute to Leopard’ continues over here at INEZ Daily…

    Regular readers will know that I fully endorse the magical qualities of leopard print and its ability to suggest luxury, sophistication and sex all in equal measure.

    Today I want to talk about the leopard print swimming costume – I strongly believe every woman needs to own at least one of these in her life.

    Feeling the love?

    Follow the link below for my edit of the best leopard print swimming costumes that you can buy right now…

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    The Onesie

    Friday 6th Dec 2013

    At the risk of sounding really old – why are all the kids wearing animal costumes? When did this happen? All of a sudden there are packs (flocks? gaggles?) of highly flammable, saggy-bottomed wildlife wandering loose.

    But one animal onesie I can fully endorse however is Zimmermann’s leopard print jumpsuit. It’s the ultimate cocktail dress (only of course better because you get to wear pants).

    Zimmermann ‘Honour’ leopard jumpsuit, $650

    Styling: Inez Garcia
    Photography: Zachary Handley
    Hair and Makeup: Kimberley Forbes
    Model: India Farrell

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